Ufficio e residenza privata Via Cavour

The appartaments.
The large size project in dialogue with a new layout plan: the apartment opens up to Via Accademia and the nearby Balbo Flower Garden welcoming the morning light, while the kitchen island, enclosed in a glass casket and the living area are compared with the inner courtyard and the city to the west. The full-height and single-opening windows give new visual potential to the living area. This was designed to create new points of view that, without interruption, allow you to achieve new glimpses of the outside world. The sleeping area overlooks the three sides of the building’s short sleeve, articulating itself with three bedrooms and as many bathrooms with the possibility of facing directly outside.
The project modifies, expands and creates new luminous spaces and in deep dialogue with the outside world. The main prerogative on this size cut was that of acquiring both elevations. The apartment welcomes with a new light and allows you to observe the city, taking advantage of the new visual permeability, to the north and south. The large living area at the entrance continues towards a spacious kitchen and dining area, separated by a glass filter with metallic textures. Entering the heart of the apartment, one moves through the service areas to reach the night area to the north, towards Via Cavour, with the large original balcony of the main floor

The office
The projected full-height glass openings, the apartment opens up more towards the city, creating new points of view towards the city context, strongly characterized by historic and innovative buildings. The interior spaces optimize the small square footage, comparing with an uncommon structural order. The living room and kitchen dialogue closely, but the latter has the possibility of being concealed from a glazed sliding system if necessary. Finally, the sleeping area, which overlooks Via Cavour, looking towards the Mole Antonelliana, completes the shape of the spaces.
The office area is located on the ground floor and has separate entrances from the two main ones leading to the accommodation, so as to ensure greater privacy and better management of flows. For these spaces we opted for a flexible layout so as to easily adapt to any type of activity. The environment is characterized by a system of subdividing the rooms through modular glass walls that separate offices or meeting rooms from open spaces and any waiting rooms. The gradient (from opaque and transparent white) applied to the glass walls, as well as offering greater privacy to individual offices, also allows the corridors to be illuminated with natural light. Bookcases, wardrobes and service areas have instead found a place along the structural walls in the floor concealed by a wooden slat system that runs along the internal walls of the office, becoming a decorative element of the main corridors.


Project: Benedetto Camerana; Alfonso Femia
Type: competition
Client: BNL
Procedure: in progress
Chronology: 2017
Location: Torino, Via Cavour