Juventus Italian district masterplan

Juventus Italian District Masterplan is a feasibility study that propose a scheme for urban development based on the Italian know-how for the Chinese real estate market.

The design proposes a development centered on a Sport and Education cluster: an hub where high-end healthcare combines with education and research about nutrition and sport facilities, aiming the spread of a wellness culture.
The high standard of life deployed in the Sport hub are distinctive of the city as a whole and reflects in a user friendly design, where the human scale of the space dialogues with an offer of services rich in culture and entertainment.
Trough the composition of typologies of uses and spaces the project aims to an animated environment where the high attractiveness for the users reflects a wide range of possible economic investments and the variety of business fields that can flourish in such an environment.


Project: Benedetto Camerana
Type: Juventus city urban development
Client: Private
Procedure: Faseability study
Chronology: 2016 on going
Location: various China