Caserma Amione

Ex-Caserma Amione Masterplanning and Architectural Competition asked for a program with contemporary solutions for the future new public headquarter of Turin City Council. Being inserted in a semi-central area of Turin, the competition asked for a deep study about the relation of the new buildings with the neighborhood for a complete integration. It also recalled for a well-thought relationships with the existing building to be maintained.
The founding idea of ​​the project of redevelopment arises from character industrial area: originally plant of the Ceirano Brothers, pioneers of the automobile in Turin, and later a military and non-military workshop barracks. As a synthesis of architecture industrial we propose the shed, structure functional always present in all Turin production complexes. The shed thus becomes the symbol of proposal, radically reiterated as origin of parallel bodies, reworked in various variations as a trace for the main facade on corso Lecce and for the sequential sections. Recomposition of shed with variations, integrated by the use of innovative materials, gives a new vision to the whole non-lot betraying its origins.
The proposed volumes are inserted on the footprint of existing buildings not recovered. Combined with characteristic elements of the area integrated into the project, emphasize further the industrial character of the lot not distorting the composition existing interior. Some of them have wide open spaces for lobbies, waiting areas, distribution spaces, but also functions as space with micro-climate. Moreover, on different levels stairs connect conference rooms and informal meeting spaces, enhancing the capacity of physical and visual connection among different floors.


Architect: Benedetto Camerana (Camerana & Partners)
with, Alfonso Femia (Atelier(s)), Milan Ingegneria s.r.l, For Engineering Architecture, Lorena Alessio (lorenaalessioarchitetti)
Client: Masterplanning and Architectural Competition promoted by ‘Agenzia del Demanio’ in collaboration with Torino City Council
Type: Preliminary Design, second prize, two phases international competition
Design Team: BC (C&P) – Ivan Rotella, Francesca Turnaturi, Elisa Rabino; laa (Silvia Molinari, Jacopo Donato)
Chronology: 2018
Location: Torino, Italy
Dimensional data: 27,700.00 smq
Cost: 58,000,844 Euro