Olympic Village, residential area

The spirit of the Olympics expressed both as a multiform aggregation of languages ​​proposed by various international architects, and through the colors of the elevations, to evoke the color combinations of the various national flags. The intentional simple layout of the masterplan is characterized by a strong fragmentation that aims to facilitate future divestment by parts. Within this scheme, the architectural solutions imagined by the various architects. The variety of language of lots 3 and 4 was further emphasized by the interventions of four European “guest architects”. In the lot designed by Camerana, which received the Gold Medal for Italian Architecture, Living section, the variety is entrusted to the colors of the façades, which emphasize the interactions between the different elements of the wall, the niche and the sliding shutter. producing a sort of “palette” in which the various chromatic elements can assume different configurations. The creation of the eleven colors of the village, in different shades of warm, cold and neutral, are the result of the study of colors in Turin conducted by the Berlin artist Erich Wiesner.


Project: Area Masterplan: Benedetto Camerana (group leader) and Steidle und Partner); lot 3: Steidle und Partner (lead architect), Diener & Diener (house1), Atelier Krischanitz (house2); lot 4: Benedetto Camerana (lead architect), Giorgio Rosental, Ortner + Ortner (house3), Hilmer + Sattler (house4); lot 5: Derossi Associati (lead architect), Giorgio Rosental (house5), Inarco (house6); lot 7 (landscape): Benedetto Camerana
Functions: Residential district (lots 3, 4, 5) of the Olympic Village for Athletes XX Winter Games Turin 2006
Client: Torino 2006 Agency
Procedure: International design competition, first place
Chronology: Competition and preliminary design (2002), final (2003), executive (2003-2004), construction (2004-2005), inauguration (December 2005)
Realization: Done
Location: Turin, via Giordano Bruno 181
Dimensional data: GFA 21,300 sq m (lot 3), 20,400 sq m (lot 4), 19,100 sq m (lot 5)
Building cost: € 21,280,896.39 (lot 3), € 20,642,249.59 (lot 4), € 19,613,005.63 (lot 5)
Photo credits: Bruna Biamino, Reinhard Görner, Francesco Jodice