New Amiat Headquarter

Conveying an idea of ​​modernity, efficiency and sobriety. Representing two volumes with different functions with a single image. Contain costs and take care of the visual perception of the project. To pursue these objectives, we tried to maintain the fil rouge defined by the design of the metal profiles and to use technologies aimed at guaranteeing economy and sustainability. The wedge-shaped volume of the office building is characterized by the naturalistic multicolored wave design of the artist Giorgio Griffa, on the east facade, and by the transparency of the main façades, to the west and north, which allow a glimpse of the internal organization and the void of the atrium -central ground, in which a spectacular metal staircase connects the various levels of the building developing like a Moebius strip. In the building of the vehicle depot, two expanded metal structures shield the north and south elevations and seek a dialogue with the context: the grid of the so-called communication façade is designed to house advertising panels, while on the energy façade, facing south and the Living Art Park, photo-voltaic panels can be inserted.


Project: Benedetto Camerana
with Giorgio Rosental (agent)
Location: Torino, via Giordano Bruno
Realization: Finished
Client: Amiat s.p.a.
Procedure: International design competition, first place
Consultants: AI egineering, AI studio, Inarco Architetti Associati
Functions: Management and logistics center
Chronology: Preliminary draft, definitive project, executive project (2003), construction (2006)
Collaborators: Hermann Kohllöffel (coordination), Elena Biasco, Angelo De Filippis, Pierluigi Gianfreda, Andra Lichtenstein, Alessandro Rigazio, Giorgio Santarossa Cestari, Massimiliano Secco, Andrea Tonin
Dimensional data: 6.200 sqm offices, 10.000 sqm logistics and services
Total Cost: 12.000.000,00 €
Photo credits: Alberto Piovano


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