Multiplex Bicocca

Attract the attention of the public and manage large volumes. To interpret the imposing volume, the preliminary project proposes a scenographic language of great visibility. Having to calibrate more to the formal sobriety of the urban plan of the area, the large entrance portal of the first proposal is replaced by a curved glass window. Instead, the so-called “eye” is maintained, a large cylindrical section skylight that illuminates the central internal void overlooked by shops and recreational services, crossed by a transparent lift and escalators. This space-base, made uniform by the load-bearing carpentry grid in metal profiles, is crowned by the irregular volumes of the 18 cinemas that seem to dematerialize upwards thanks to the reflection of light from the continuous corrugated corrugated sheet metal cladding. The projection chambers open onto a terrace at the level of the “eye”, making it possible for emergency evacuation through open-air spaces located between the building and the two metal grid walls on the sides of the complex, which mask the connections vertical service, systems and safety stairs.


Project: Benedetto Camerana
Location: Milano, viale Sarca, area Bicocca
Realization: Finished
Client: Pirelli RE (Gruppo Pirelli & C)
Procedure: Direct assignment
Consultants: Design International (London); Progettisti Associati S.p.A; S.C.E. (Milan)
Functions: Youth cultural center for free time, with multiplex cinema, food service, games and commercial area
Chronology: Preliminary draft (1997), municipal project (1998), executive project (1999-2000), construction (2000-2005)
Collaborators: Cristina Franco, Daniele Suppo, Hermann Kohllöffel, Andrea Tonin
Dimensional data: 80.000 sqm
Total cost: 41.500.000,00 €
Photo credits: Alberto Piovano


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