Ferrari Museum Exhibition

During the year 2018, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello underwent an overall restyling of the visit and the exhibition layout, which was created by the architect Benedetto Camerana on the occasion of the opening of two exhibitions.
The first part of the new museum tour is built on the exhibition “Passion and Legend”, which traces the history of Ferrari through a series of themes: Enzo Ferrari, How a Ferrari is born (yesterday’s Ferrari, today’s Ferrari), Issues of Style (Car bodybuilders, Designers, Customization, Special models), Ferrari Racing and F1.
The second part of the intervention was realized for the exhibition “Driven by Enzo”, which showcases some four-seater cars particularly loved by Enzo Ferrari for their mix of comfort and sportiness.
The redevelopment project is based on some fundamental principles of contemporary exhibition culture, according to which a museum should not be a mere container of artifacts, but must build a narrative along an obligatory itinerary. As in a film, the Museum proposes a sequence of episodes and stories that alternate different moments, from the most technical to the most emotional, addressing every type of visitor, from the most experienced to the simple curious.
Another design criterion was aimed at bringing together several exhibitions simultaneously, even very different from each other, maintaining thematic autonomy despite a strong continuity in terms of space.
With these aims, the architectural intervention involved the insertion of new walls that, like visual and exhibition scenes integrated into strategic positions in the previous layout, redefine the museum spaces with a succession of rooms, crossed by an univocal and intuitive path for the visitor. The new walls also multiply the display surfaces, emphasized by the search for colors that express the brand’s history, creating an ideal backdrop, immersive and engaging, for the new graphic project, developed by Studio Fionda.
Great attention was also paid to the optimal placement of the cars on large platforms, whose minimum height was designed to dissuade the excessive approach of the visitors without compromising the perfect perception of the proportions of the car.
The lighting system has also been the object of intervention, with the inclusion of new lighting fixtures that are more performing and able to make the most of the cars on display. Cars, engines, models, photographs and drawings can thus give life to a story board that defines the sense of the Ferrari brand.


Architectural design and construction: Benedetto Camerana (Camerana & Partners)
Collaborators: Giulia Mondino (project leader), Mattia Greco, Francesca Griotti
Graphic design: Fionda – Roberto Maria Clemente, collaborators: Chiara Costa
Client:  Ferrari
Chronology: June 2018
Location: Maranello, Modena
Dimensional data: ground floor: 1.012 sqm first floor: 1.495 sqm
Photo credit: Copyright Ferrari S.p.A.